Manager's Message

Dear Parents
You have entrusted us with the paramount responsibility of your child's education and the school will do its best to come up to your expectations. We fully realize that schools are the centers of society where children explore themselves in the world surrounding them. These temples help them develop as persons, increase their capacity to think clearly and wisely and be receptive to novel ideas from all directions. We hope that they will understand their social world & be devoted to its improvement, with a strong commitment to the welfare of human society as a whole. They will also develop the dignity, self esteem & sense of efficiency to generate personal lives of high quality. Clearly, this Herculean task cannot be accomplished by the school alone. Parents have an indispensable role to play. It is the collective effort of child, parent & teachers which actualizes what is expected of education. Schools serve as unifying points where teachers, children & parents meet to generate ideas, plans of actions for converting potentialities into realities.

We encourage students to realize their dreams. We aim at empowering them with right values, self disciplined & indomitable spirit. I offer my thanks to teachers who have been a pillar of strength & the sustained support of the parents which enables their ward to come out with flying colors.
Let the child feel that he/she is being cared for & teachers & parents are both genuinely concerned about his/her development.
Let optimism, action & accomplishment be his/her watch words.

With regards
(Shri Daulat Ram Public Sr. Sec. School )

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