Few Guidelines For Parents/Guardians

1. Parents & guardians are not allowed to enter the classroom/ without the permission of the Principal.
2. Parents are requested not to send their wards to the school who are suffering from an infectious disease till they recover as this threatens the health of the other children.
3. No parent may meet children during school hours without prior permission of the Principal.
4. Guardians should see that their wards do not remain absent except under unavoidable circumstances as it badly hampers the progress of the pupil.
5. Parents/guardians should look into the Child's school diary everyday as a ritual and see that the lessons and home-work assigned are done without fail.
6. The child should be encouraged by parents to cultivate good manners and hygienic habits.
7. It is suggested to get in touch with the school authorities for providing the required guidance and strategies to tackle the problem and for close monitoring.
8. Adverse criticism of either teacher or school in the presence of child should be totally avoided as it not only results in the child losing respect for the teacher but also the much needed interest in the studies.
9. The child should be encouraged by parents for study at home independently with serious effect.
10. Withdrawal of a child for merely attending religious ceremonies/social functions is not at all desirable as it disrupts the continuity in educations.
11. Parents/Guardians will assist us in our efforts to infuse self-confidence and to bring out the talent of the children so that they traverse the right path of life with grit and determination to face challenges.

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